By volume and value of work, laser marking is by far the largest element of our sub-contract service department.

Some of the world’s biggest manufacturers of premium brand products rely upon our services to decorate their products by laser marking or laser engraving. For example, we laser engrave premium giftware for the pen manufacturer AT Cross, we laser mark high-end shower devices for Aqualisa and laser engrave bespoke electrical devices for Honeywell/MK Electric to name but a few of our regular sub-contract customers.

Within the department are a large number of laser marking machines in both plotter and galvo format, ranging in power from just 5.5w to well over 100w and from 10.6µm to 1µm laser wavelengths. We have a wide variety of RF, DC, DPSS and MOPA Fiber lasers. This broad diversity of on-site laser technology allows us to laser mark and laser engrave a very wide range of materials.

At times where deadlines are very tight we are able to operate a 24/7 service to deliver huge volumes within short deadlines. For example, for one customer we managed to mark 360,000 plastic security tags each with a unique serial number and deliver the whole job in less than 48hrs.

Whenever the job requires we have the ability to configure our machinery with rotary devices for circumferential marking or even to enhance productivity with the addition of semi automated handling devices such as, for example, conveyor feeds.

For most jobs, even those with quantities of several thousand pieces, our typical lead-time to dispatch is 4 working days from receipt of order, artwork, goods and approval.

The super-high performance of the equipment that we use allows us to deliver a finish for our laser marking that is often far superior to that of competitors, who often compromise on the quality of their mark in order to reduce processing times and maximise their margin.

Whatever your laser marking requirement, we have the resources and experience to deliver according to your needs.


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