This document is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of our working mechanism, trading terms and conditions. Adhering to these guidelines will protect the interests of all parties and ensure that we are able to provide you with the highest possible level of service. Please feel free to contact us for clarification of any clause you do not fully understand.

General T&C January 2016

  1. All trading transactions are covered by these terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. Laserite reserves all rights to its Intellectual Property (IP) including but not limited to; brand or trading names, logos, proprietary user guides, manuals, equipment design, web site design, brochure design in printed and/or electronic format, designs protected under registered trade mark or copyright, system modifications or accessories, software, educational and/or other forms of training scheme, production methods or any other proprietary operational processes, confidential information – are not permitted to be used, copied, modified or distributed in any way whatsoever without our written consent. We shall aggressively defend our IP to the full extent of UK and International law.
  3. Unless confirmed in writing on an order-by-order basis, we do not accept conditions of purchase including the verification of pricing for Purchase Orders.
  4. All prices are as per our current price list or, where appropriate, as advised under specific separate written quotation or contract.
  5. All prices GBP £, ex-works Laserite®, + VAT.
  6. All new and non-UK accounts are supplied on a pro-forma basis. Orders will not be processed without receipt and clearance of full payment.
  7. Approved credit accounts are accepted to the following terms unless agreed otherwise in writing: Payment by end of month following 30 days of invoice date.
  8. Overdue amounts beyond 60 days of invoice date will incur interest charges of UK Base Rate + 3% PER MONTH, charged on a daily basis until all outstanding amounts (including costs/charges) are paid
  9. Accounts trading 90 days beyond agreed credit terms will be automatically suspended without prior notice and conditions #8 and #10 applied.
  10. We reserve the right to seize stock while on our premises to hold in lieu of outstanding amounts until such outstanding amounts and any associated charges are cleared.
  11. Any items including but not limited to Goods/products/equipment/software/materials supplied by Laserite® remain the property of Laserite® until payment is received in full.
  12. Minimum invoice total £50 + VAT. Orders for less than the minimum invoice total may incur a £5 handling charge.
  13. We reserve the right to alter and/or change any specification and/or prices for any services or products we supply without prior notice.
  14. Variations in shade, colour or finish of the mark are determined by limitations in the process and/or variations in the material. In particular, for organic materials such as, for example, wood, considerable variations in the mark finish are often unavoidable and considered normal.
  15. All claims for damaged goods during transit, short or incorrect delivery must be notified in writing and received by Laserite® within 2 working days of despatch. Claims received after this time will not be accepted.
  16. We only receive payments by bank transfer. We do not accept payments by cash, cheque or credit card
  17. Payments received by International wire transfer may incur additional charges.
  18. Any orders requesting dispatch without specific instructions will be dispatched using our default despatch method; Mainland UK – Next Business day; All other destinations – Economy service.
  19. All products and/or services are supplied on the understanding that all Laserite® trading Terms and Conditions have been read, understood and are accepted.
  20. Additional terms and conditions apply for sales of sub-contract marking and cutting services. Please refer to separate document.
  21. Within the scope of UK law in no event shall Laserite® be liable for loss of profit, data, or information of any kind, for any accident or personal injury, or for any special, collateral, incidental, consequential, indirect, punitive, or any other type of damages in connection with or arising out of the supply of any equipment, product, advice and/or services.

Laser Marking & Cutting Services T&C January 2016

  1. These Terms and Conditions relate specifically to sub-contract services provided by Laserite and are in ADDITION to our general trading Terms and Conditions.
  2. Standard lead-time – 4 working days from receipt of order, goods, artwork and approval of paper proof and/or sample, subject to prior orders.
  3. Express production available by prior arrangement – 2 working days from receipt of goods, artwork and approval of paper proof and/or sample, subject to prior orders.
  4. Note that acceptance of orders for express production must be confirmed by Laserite® in writing.
  5. We require a minimum of 2 working days notice prior to planned dispatch of any change of address and/or amendment to your order, which must be confirmed in writing by email.
  6. Carriage and storage; will be charged as published in our price guide. Extra charges will apply including but not limited to; creation of packing notes and/or other forms of administration relating to dispatch (example, applying labels), packing to pallets, supply of packaging materials, medium/long term storage on and off-site.
  7. Laserite® cannot be held responsible for any own collection freight arrangements.
  8. Release of orders to a nominated courier; We require your written instructions stating the name of your freight company and the collection date. Orders will not be released to couriers without this information.
  9. Freight insurance; orders despatched using couriers contracted to Laserite® are insured for loss or damage during transit to a maximum value of £2,000 per consignment. Liability beyond this scope will not be accepted.
  10. Postal service; we do not offer a postal service.
  11. EXW liability; we do not accept responsibility or any liability for delivery by any courier or freight service where orders are collected on an EXW basis.
  12. Any special freight instructions and required freight documentation must accompany the original order.
  13. Packing; our standard marking prices include an allocated amount of for unpacking/repacking of 10 seconds total. Where the required time to unpack/repack exceeds 10 seconds additional charges will apply. This will not be without prior written notice.
  14. Special items: because of, for example, their fragility, awkwardness in size,/shape, etc, some items require excessive handling and/or unpacking/re-packing. Such products are deemed ‘special items’ and are charged differently to other items as specified by our current price guide.
  15. Response mechanism; you are strongly advised to provide instructions of approval or amendment via our on-line production system. Operating outside of this system will likely cause production delays and increases the risk of error.
  16. Artwork suitability; artwork cannot be used unless it is supplied in the specified format. For artwork requirements specific to your job please consult our production department.
  17. Artwork charges: where artwork cannot be supplied in the specified format we can usually provide a service to create or amend artwork to conform to the required format. In this event conditions as detailed below and additional charges will apply as stated in our current price guide.
  18. Artwork verification; we do not accept responsibility for verifying the correctness of supplied electronic artwork.
  19. Rights to items serviced; chargeable services including but not limited to artwork, layouts, set-ups, test results, samples, designs, parameters, jigs, fixtures and fittings processed, altered and/or produced by Laserite® are created for the express use of Laserite® Contract Services only, specifically for use with our equipment. Any charges for such processes are in most cases partially cost covering and in no way imply ownership to any party other than Laserite®. Laserite® cannot forward or release under any circumstances any such items to any other party, client or entity for any other use whatsoever. Items can only be released in a format that was received by Laserite originally.
  20. Liability through error or system failure during marking/cutting is limited to a value of £10 per item cost price for the item itself excluding all other elements such as freight, etc. Higher value products can be processed but will require a separate quotation to our standard job-shop marking/cutting prices in order for us to consider acceptance of increased but limited liability. If higher valued products are sent for marking without written notice at time of order risk defaults to our standard liability limit. In order to process any claim for replacement goods we require the return of all products being claimed for + a copy of your invoice showing the cost price for the items in question. Claims WILL NOT be processed without these two factors.
  21. Goods sent to us directly or via any third party are assumed to be suitable for the laser marking and/or cutting process and therefore ready to mark without the need for inspection. We will advise in writing of any problems with regard to incorrect quantity, unsuitability of the product for laser marking or, in our opinion, obvious defective quality of goods. In some circumstances some products show defection during laser processing: for example, flaky plating. We accept no responsibility for the verification of product quality, product codes, colours, sizes or types.
  22. We do not accept responsibility for any product that deteriorates, flakes, cracks or scratches whilst laser engraving and/or cutting. Should a quality issue arise during production the job will be halted as soon as the issue is noticed and our client advised immediately. A waiting period of 15 minutes will commence from the time of this advice in anticipation of our client’s instruction. After this point the job may be removed from the system to enter the general production cycle again, which may delay dispatch.
  23. Inferior quality materials: where materials/products are supplied of an inferior or sub-standard quality that detrimentally affects the efficiency of the production process an additional charge will be applied.
  24. Unless otherwise agreed in writing pre-production samples will be charged for per job (set-up) + artwork, set-up and freight charges, however, artwork and set-up charges will not be re-invoiced so long as production does not alter in any way from the pre-production sample. If accurately matching production to the sample is necessary then either: A) two samples are required with one to be retained by Laserite®; or B) The original Pre-production sample must be returned to Laserite no later than 3 working days prior to production. Without an actual pre-production sample to match against production we cannot guarantee to match production to the samples produced. In these circumstances we only guarantee that the same machine and parameters that were used for the samples are used for production. Pre-production samples are always recommended for large volume orders and/or where the value of the item itself is high.
  25. Job System production mechanism: All jobs will process via the Laserite automated Job System. The Job System is an on-line system that allows the client/consumer to interact with our production process via an Internet connection and email. For further information about our production system please refer to this link (link to production system page). Jobs that process outside of this system will likely incur production delays and potentially additional charges may apply. We do not accept liability for error or late orders unless all instructions have been processed via the Job System.
  26. Job System approvals/amendment: At each main stage of the production process an automated email will be sent via the Job System to the customer/consumer. Within this email will be a unique LOGIN link. The customer/consumer must use this LOGIN link to enter the Job System and update it with instructions of approval and/or amendment. Laserite staff cannot enter the Job System to update it on behalf of a customer/consumer where, for example, instructions have been sent by fax or general email.
  27. Paper proofs: A proof layout will be created prior to production for all jobs without exception. These proofs will be dispatched via the Job System. Production cannot proceed under any circumstances whatsoever unless approval of the proof layout has been advised via the Job System.
  28. Liability through proofing errors: the purpose of the proofing process is to avoid errors in our interpretation of your instructions. We do not accept liability where a proof layout is approved but later found to be incorrect.
  29. Paper Proofing delivery method: Our default method of paper proofing is PDF sent attached to email via the Job System. We no longer operate a fax service
  30. Sample proofing: Samples must be approved or instructions given to amend via the Job System.
  31. Proofing response: response from the customer/consumer to paper proofing, samples or production advice should be within 24hrs of dispatch. Response beyond this time frame will potentially cause a production delay, in which event late delivery and/or additional charges may apply.
  32. Late delivery: we do not accept liability for late delivery where production is delayed while waiting for artwork, goods, approval or clearance of payment. In some circumstances delayed response from the client/consumer may necessitate upgrading the job to Express Service, in which event additional charges will apply.

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